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Oxy/Propane Heating Set

Oxy/Propane Heating Set

  • Oxy/Propane Super-Heating Equipment
  • For all Industrial & Workshop Heating Applications
  • Up to 600,000+ Btu/hour Output*
  • Premium Quality British Made
  • Cutting with optional attachment
  • Guaranteed Safe!
£ 209 (inc VAT)
Shipping £7.95
(inc VAT to UK Mainland exc Highlands for any number of items)
Oxy/Propane Heating Set
£209 (inc VAT)
Cutting Attachment & Nozzle
£47 (inc VAT)
10 Metre Hose Set Upgrade
£19.75 (inc VAT)
10M fitted hose set instead of standard 5M

*360,000 Btu/hour from nozzles supplied – range of larger nozzles available.

Premium quality British made gas hand equipment for industrial & workshop heating applications using Oxygen & Propane gas cylinders (not supplied).

Employing the ‘Super-Heating’ propane gas mixer, stainless steel heating neck, and H Series Super-Heating nozzles fitted on to a standard Type 5 heavy duty gas torch. Ideal for rapid heating of larger areas, weld pre-heat etc.

Cutting of up to 150mm (6") mild steel can also be performed with the optional Cutting Attachment, and a range of other accessories are available to make up a very versatile, heavy duty gas Heating, Cutting & Brazing set.

Gas regulators are standard connection for portable & industrial size Oxygen & Propane gas cylinders.

Not suitable for use with Acetylene.

Supplied with

Oxy-Propane Heating Kit

Made in the UK

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