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Oxy-Propane/Propylene Brazing Equipment Set

Oxy-Propane/Propylene Brazing Equipment Set

  • For Brazing, Soldering & Heating with Oxy/Propane/Propylene
  • Standard connection for portable & industrial gas cylinders
  • Premium Quality British Made
  • Guaranteed Safe!
£ 167 (inc VAT)
Shipping £6.95
(inc VAT to UK Mainland exc Highlands for any number of items)
Oxy-Propane/Propylene Brazing Equipment Set
£167 (inc VAT)
10 Metre Hose Set Upgrade
£15.95 (inc VAT)
10M fitted hose set instead of standard 5M
P65 Propane/Propylene Brazing/Heating Nozzle No.10
£7.65 (inc VAT)
P65 Propane/Propylene Brazing/Heating Nozzle No.13
£7.65 (inc VAT)
P65 Propane/Propylene Brazing/Heating Nozzle No.18
£7.65 (inc VAT)

Sorry, this product has sold out.

P65 Propane/Propylene Brazing/Heating Nozzle No.25
£7.65 (inc VAT)
Heating Attachment
£26.90 (inc VAT)

Invaluable equipment to have in any workshop, this set is designed to be used with readily available, economical Propane or Propylene fuel gas and standard refillable type Oxygen cylinders - both portable & industrial sizes.

Ideal for a wide variety of tasks including Brazing (not full fusion welding), Silver Soldering, Bending, Forming… or just freeing off that seized component that you cannot shift with a monkey wrench!

The two nozzles supplied offer a good heat range for silver soldering & general light duty brazing work, and the larger nozzles available provide extra volume for more demanding work such as copper & general heating applications. The optional Heating Attachment gives more heat volume again, and a much wider flame area, so is good for rapid heating of larger components.

Highest quality British Made industrial equipment throughout.

Not suitable for use with Acetylene.

Supplied with

Oxy Propand Brazing Set

Made in the UK

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