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We take your privacy seriously. But we do need to remember a few bits of information so you can add things to your cart and make payments. The information we have and what we do with it is described on this page.

The "shoppingcart" cookie

It's annoying when you spend hours adding things to your cart only to find that it all disappears when you press the back button.

On this site we'll try to remember the products you have added to your cart for 30 days. We do this by sending you a cookie with a randomised cart reference number that we can use to look up the contents of your cart in our database.

None of this data is identifiable to you even if you have bought from us in the past, and you can delete the cookie in our unsubscribe page.

The "remember me" button

There is a remember me button on the checkout page where you enter your name and address details. If you click that we will save you time by pre-filling that page for 6 months after your last transaction. We don't remember your credit card details.

Don't select this option if you are using a public computer. On a public computer anyone stumbling on our checkout page will find your name and adddress. If your computer is in your home then the chances are anyone who uses it will already know your name and address so it should be safe to select the option.

If you don't check the remember me button we will remember you only until you close your browser. If you clicked the button and changed your mind then either unclick the button (assuming you are still on the checkout page) or use our unsubscribe page to delete the cookie.

We don't have access to your credit card details

When it comes to credit card details we'll send you to Sage Pay (our secure payment gateway). They have been around for a number of years and are very good at security. They will take your credit card details and will tell us if your transaction has been authorised, but we never have access to your credit card details.

We don't send newsletters

We don't offer newsletters. We find them just as annoying as you do.

If we ever did start offering a newsletter it would only be sent to customers who deliberately opted in.

We do not share your data

Apart from with the payment gateway - we have to give them your name and address so they can complete your transaction.

Apart from that we keep your details to ourself.

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