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ESAB Aristo®-Tech Replacement Lenses

ESAB Aristo®-Tech Replacement Lenses

  • Inner & Outer protective cover lenses
  • Protects sensitive electronic LCD cartridge
  • To fit ESAB Aristo®-Tech welding helmet
  • Outer lenses also suitable for ESAB Eye-Tech I & Nederman 2000
  • Fast, low cost delivery
From £ 7.49 (inc VAT)
Shipping £3.85
(inc VAT to the United Kingdom for any number of small parts)
Aristo®-Tech Outer Cover Lens Pack 10
£19.40 (inc VAT)
Also fit ESAB Eye-Tech I & Nederman Weldomatic 2000

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Aristo®-Tech Inner Cover Lenses Pack 5
£7.49 (inc VAT)

Sorry, this product has sold out.

Inner & outer protective cover lenses to fit the ESAB Aristo®-Tech series of Auto-Darkening welding helmets. Outer lenses will also fit the ESAB Eye-Tech I & Nederman Weldomatic 2000 models.

Specially coated for increased scratch & heat resistance, the outer lenses are injection moulded into a convex curve that eliminates the threat of duplicate 'Ghost Arc' to support optical class 1.

Genuine ESAB.

ESAB Origitech Helmet

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