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Nitrogen Gas Regulator

Nitrogen Gas Regulator

  • Wescol Single Stage 2 Gauge
  • Purging & Pressure Testing etc.
  • 0-10 Bar Output
  • Premium Quality British Made
  • Guaranteed Safe!
£45.80 (inc VAT)
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Single Stage 2 gauge Nitrogen gas regulator suitable for purging & pressure testing up to 10 Bar maximum.

Twin pressure gauges showing cylinder contents and output pressure, calibrated in Psi & Bar.

Also See

High Pressure Nitrogen Regulator for applications above 10 Bar output pressure.

Safety First

Cylinder gases are stored under ever increasing high pressures and can be extremely dangerous, so the regulator needs to be up to the job. Some of the cheap, imported gas regulators on the market have been shown to fail catastrophically in laboratory safety tests.

WESCOL have been manufacturing gas regulators in the UK for over half a century. These regulators meet all international safety standards, and are proven the world over.

Made in the UK

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