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  • 186s, 216s and 236s 230v single phase compacts
  • Built to order in England
  • Packages including Euro-Torch & Gas Regulator
From £ 669 (inc VAT)
Shipping £7.95
(inc VAT to UK Mainland exc Highlands for any number of items)
Portamig 186s MIG Welder Package
£669 (inc VAT)
Portamig 216s MIG Welder Package
£719 (inc VAT)
Portamig 236s MIG Welder Package
£788 (inc VAT)

*Please note that these machines are hand built to order so are not usually available immediately. Please email us for any stock availability

Portamig smoothing capacitors
Portamig wire feed
Portamig controls

Updated models of the popular Portamig range.

Enhancements include a Capacitor Bank fitted for smoother performance, a higher torque wire feed motor and new front panel layout.

A Smoothing Capacitor Bank is now fitted as standard on our models to provide an even better arc condition, particularly at higher amperages, and silky smooth performance right down to their 15 amps minimum setting; outstanding on thin sheet.

The wire feed motor has been further improved to offer a 40% increase in torque for trouble free wire feeding, with long life brush gear.

Control panel layout has been revised, with quality switch-gear offering 12 voltage settings for fine power adjustment. Wire speed is synchronised to output for easy setting, and electronic Burn-Back Control is built in.

Ideal machines for Automotive, Maintenance & Repair and discerning DIY use, you will find the build quality & performance of these sets much better than the mass market offerings.

Fully supported with spare parts & service for a minimum of 20 years.

Key Features

Supplied With

You will need a refillable Argonmix gas cylinder – Hobbyweld, BOC or similar – suitable PPE and spool of wire to be up & running. 15Kg industrial size wire spools will fit straight on the machine, 5Kg medium size with the supplied adaptor.

Technical Specification:

  Portamig 186s Portamig 216s Portamig 236s
Amps Range: 15-185 15-215 15-235
Voltage Steps: 12 12 12
Duty Cycle @ 30% 130A 170A 191A
Duty Cycle @ 60%: 90A 120A 135A
Duty Cycle @ 100% 70A 93A 105A
Input Fuse: 16A 20A 25A
Weight: 48kg 55kg 58kg
Dimensions: 580mm high x 360mm wide x 740mm long (excluding rear wheels & handle)

Warning: All models can be used from a standard 13 amp household plug up to around 150 Amps (approx.4mm mild steel). Above 150 Amps you will need a heavier duty fuse supply as outlined in the specifications.

Portamig internals

Portamig package

Made in the UK

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