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Parweld XTT 202P AC/DC Pulsed TIG Inverter

Parweld XTT 202P AC/DC Pulsed TIG Inverter

  • XTi 202 Updated model
  • 200 Amp AC/DC TIG Inverter 230v Single Phase
  • Package including Torch & Gas Regulator. Water Cooled option
  • On-Torch Remote Control as standard
  • 3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty
From £ 1135 (inc VAT)
Shipping £7.95
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Parweld XTT 202P AC/DC Pulsed Inverter Package P1
£1135 (inc VAT)
Pro-Grip™ WP26 4M Torch with remote current control + Gas Regulator
Parweld XTT 202P AC/DC Water Cooled Package P1WT
£1785 (inc VAT)
Fully Water Cooled Package with 230v Cooler, Trolley, WP20 4M Torch + Gas Regulator
Parweld XTT 202P Foot Control
£195 (inc VAT)
Potentiometer to set maximum amps, 3 metre cable with machine amphenol plug
Parweld XTT 202P Trolley Unit
£134 (inc VAT)
3 tier Trolley for Machine, Water Cooler, Gas Cylinder & Accessories (Included with Water Cooled package)
MMA (Arc) Welding Lead
£22.80 (inc VAT)
3M Hi-Flex Cable, ESAB 200 Rod Holder, 35-50mm Cable Plug
Parweld TIG torch control
Parweld 202P control panel

A nice quality AC/DC TIG set from Parweld, digitally controlled for superior performance over standard analogue type machines.

Well specified, with an easy to use control panel. On-Torch Remote Control is now included as standard on the air cooled model and machine warranty has been extended to 3 Years.

On-Torch Control can be used to adjust Amps up or down in 2T mode and also Pre/Post Gas, Slope In/Slope Out in 4T mode; press for fine 1 Ampere adjustment, press & hold for 10 Ampere adjustment. This switch can be removed in seconds and fitted with a switch blanking kit for better torch handling if using a Foot Pedal.

The Water Cooled Package option includes a WP20 250 Amp torch for the very best torch control throughout the full power range, 230v Water Cooler with connecting leads, and a 3 tier Trolley so the Machine, Cooler & gas cylinder can all be easily manoeuvred together around the workshop.

Key Features

TIG torch spares set

Supplied With

Water Cooled Option

Technical Specification

Parweld 202P AC/DC TIG Package

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