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  Model O Microset Workshop Pro

Model O Microset Workshop Pro

  • For extremely fine brazing & welding applications
  • Lead burning/welding, model engineering, jewellery etc.
  • Multi-Stage gas regulators for precision flame control
  • Highest quality Sheffield made equipment
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Gas lead burning torch in case

Model O micro torch coupled with FabMaster Elite multi-stage gas regulators for a perfectly stable, pin-point flame; this set is designed for extremely fine welding & brazing applications from 0.5 - 1.5mm, using Oxy/Acetylene gases.

Gas regulator connections are 5/8"BSP RH for Oxygen & 5/8"BSP LH for Acetylene and are suitable for use with all types & sizes of UK standard Oxy/Acetylene gas cylinders.

Hi-Lo Multi Stage Regulators Regulators

Supplied with

Model O Workshop Pro
Made in Sheffield

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