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Jasic PRO MIG 160 - PRO MIG 200 Multi Process MIG/MMA Inverter

Jasic PRO MIG 160 - PRO MIG 200 Multi Process MIG/MMA Inverter

  • Very nice quality IGBT Inverter MIG systems from Wilkinson Star
  • Industry beating 5 year warranty
  • 10 – 160 Amps or 10 – 200 Amps 230v Single Phase MIG + MMA
  • Just 12.5Kg weight so perfect for Site, Maintenance or Workshop use
  • Euro-Torch connection, Gas or Gas-Less operation, industrial Wire Feed assembly
  • Package including MIG Torch & Gas Regulator
  • Monthly offers available - email for details
From £ 874 (inc VAT)
Shipping £7.95
(inc VAT to UK Mainland exc Highlands for any number of items)
Jasic PRO MIG 160 Package
£874 (inc VAT)
Jasic PRO MIG 200 Package
£1081 (inc VAT)
MMA (Arc) Welding Lead
£22.80 (inc VAT)
3M Hi-Flex Cable, ESAB 200 Rod Holder, 35-50mm Cable Plug
Machine Shoulder Strap
£4.80 (inc VAT)

These machines are a cut above all the cheaper Inverter MIG systems on the market and just as good as some of the more expensive stuff around (Jasic make some of them!). Build quality, component quality & performance is excellent. Fully supported throughout the UK & Ireland by Wilkinson Star.

Key Features

Jasic MIG Wire Feed
Jasic MIG Control Panel
Jasic MIG Settings

Wire Feed and Control

Both the 160 and the 200 are fitted with an industrial wire feed unit for smooth, trouble free feeding of wire diameters 0.6 – 1.0mm.

Fully adjustable Burn-Back Control is included for optimum arc starts & a spare feed roller is included.

The control panel is simply laid out with a toggle switch to swap between MIG or MMA modes with nice, positive adjustment dials for setting Volts, Wire Feed & Amps. Automatic Hot Start is built in when using MMA mode.

The arc condition in both MIG & MMA is lovely & smooth throughout their range.

A handy settings guide is included on the drop down wire feed compartment door so you can achieve spot-on results on any given material thickness/wire/gas combination.

Supplied With

Technical Specification

Jasic PRO MIG 160 Jasic PRO MIG 200
Amps Range 10 – 160 10 – 200
Voltage Range: 11 – 26 11 – 28
Duty Cycle @ 40C: 160A @ 35%
95A @ 100%
200A @ 35%
118A @ 100%
Input Voltage: 230v 230v
Input Power: 7.1 kVA 9.4 kVA
Input Fuse @ Max: 16 Amp 20 Amp
Wire Spool Size: 5Kg 5Kg
Weight: 12.5Kg 12.5Kg
Dimensions: 485x185x370mm 485x185x370mm
Protection/Insulation Class: IP21S/F
Standards of Conformance: ALL

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