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GYS MultiPearl 210.2/MultiPearl 210.4XL Multi-Process Synergic Inverter

GYS MultiPearl 210.2/MultiPearl 210.4XL Multi-Process Synergic Inverter

  • 20 - 200 Amps MIG, TIG & MMA with Synergic control
  • MIG Brazing programs
  • Flexible Voltage (FV) so will work from 230v mains or 110v site supplies
  • 5kg or 15kg wire spool options. 2 roll or 4 roll wire drive options
  • Gas & Gas-less operation. Euro-Torch assembly
  • Perfect for shop or mobile use
  • Designed & manufactured in Europe with 2 year warranty package
From £ 1210 (inc VAT)
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GYS MultiPearl 210.2 Synergic Inverter
£1210 (inc VAT)
GYS MultiPearl 210.4XL Synergic Inverter
£1298 (inc VAT)
GYS MultiPearl 200.2/MultiPearl 200.4XL Shielding Gas Package
£42 (inc VAT)
Includes 4 Metre Gas Hose Assembly & Fittings, Industrial 2 Gauge Argon Gas Regulator
TIG Torch Package for GYS MultiPearl
£103 (inc VAT)
Pro-Grip WP17 4 Metre euro-connection with Down Slope/Post Gas control
GYS Pearl 200.2 Aluminium Wire Feed Roller
£16.08 (inc VAT)
For running 0.8mm/1.0mm Aluminium wires
GYS Pearl 200.4 XL Aluminium Wire Feed Rollers
£29.87 (inc VAT)
Pack of 2 0.8mm/1.0mm Aluminium rollers for 4x4 feed

A Multi-Process Inverter system from GYS capable of MIG, TIG & MMA, with Synergic control for perfect welds - every time.

Suitable for running up to 5mm electrodes in MMA mode, with fully adjustable Hot Start & Arc Force; DC Lift TIG (with optional torch) with adjustable Downslope & Post Gas; Synergic MIG for Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & MIG Brazing - CuSi3, CuSi8, CuAl.

In Synergic MIG mode you simply select material: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium or MIG Brazing, wire diameter in use: 0.6mm, 0.8mm or 1.0mm, and material thickness. The Synergic processor then sets ideal weld parameters for perfect results on any given setting. You can manually 'trim' the settings or override Synergic mode completely and enter your own Voltage/Wire Speed settings (13V-25V, 0-12 m/min).

GYS Pearl Control Panel

LCD Control Panel

A clear display for selecting weld process - MIG/MAG, MMA or TIG , with adjustable parameters; fully Synergic MIG or manual mode.

Automatically stores the last used settings.

GYS Pearl Wire Feeder

Wire Feed Options

The 210/2 model has a standard 2 roll wire feed system and will accept 5kg size wire spools, and the 210/4XL model has a 4x4 wire feed with 5 and full size 15kg wire spool capability. Both feed systems feature microprocessor control guaranteeing a constant feed, whatever stress is placed on the wire.

Flexible Voltage

Flexible Voltage (FV) technology enables the machine to operate from any voltage between 85V up to 265V, with auto-sensing, so it will operate from 110V site supplies or 230V mains supplies. Output is 200 Amps from a 230V supply (16 amps) and 150 Amps from 32 amp 110V supply. Integrated PFC (Power Factor Correction) enables it to work from long extension cables -up to 100 Metres - and power generators (9kVA required).

Runs gas-less, flux cored wires. Weighs just 12Kg (210.2 model) and 20Kg (210.4XL model).

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Further information can be found on the GYS website: See 210.2 and 210.4XL

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