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Gas Flowmeter

Gas Flowmeter

  • For precise gas flow setting with MIG & TIG
  • 2 Flow ranges available
£ 13.45 (inc VAT)
Shipping £3.85
(inc VAT to the United Kingdom for any number of small parts)
0-14 LPM Gas Flowmeter
£13.45 (inc VAT)
0-25 LPM Gas Flowmeter
£13.45 (inc VAT)

Connected to the gas pipe outlet (3/8"BSP) on your regulator a Flowmeter greatly increases the accuracy of gas flow control.

Available in 2 flow ranges, 0-14 LPM for TIG and lighter duty MIG welding, or 0-25 LPM for heavier duty welding applications requiring a higher gas flow rate.

NOTE: Flowmeters are designed to be connected to industrial type gas regulators with a threaded outlet (3/8" BSP) and will NOT fit disposable canister type regulators or the more basic type refillable gas cylinder regulators without a threaded outlet, ie.where the gas pipe just pushes on to a brass 'tail' on the bottom/side of the regulator.

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