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Type 25 Euro-Torch Consumables

Type 25 Euro-Torch Consumables

  • Front end Euro-Torch parts - Tips, Shrouds etc
  • Industry standard spares used on all Type 25 euro-torches
  • Widely used in the light fabrication market
From £ 2.48 (inc VAT)
Shipping £3.85
(inc VAT to the United Kingdom for any number of small parts)

*NOTE: All spares listed are from the Parweld PREMIUM range.

The quality of torch spares varies enormously! The Premium range offers the very best performance & longevity over cheap copies. Contact Tips/Tip Adaptors are manufactured using a harder, higher grade of copper for the very best conductivity, and Gas Shrouds have maximum wall thickness for superior performance.

Contact Tips 0.8mm Trade Pack of 25
£9.89 (inc VAT)
B in the parts diagram
Contact Tips 1.0mm Trade Pack of 25
£9.89 (inc VAT)
B in the parts diagram
Contact Tip Adaptor Trade Pack of 5
£5.10 (inc VAT)
No.1 in the parts diagram
Gas Shroud Trade Pack of 5
£13.99 (inc VAT)
A in the diagram
Swan-Neck Assembly Complete
£12.25 (inc VAT)
No.3 in the parts diagram
15 Piece Torch Spares Set
£13.90 (inc VAT)
Contained in a handy plastic storage case: 5 x 0.8mm Contact Tips, 5 x 1.0mm Contact Tips, 2 x Contact Tip Adaptors, 2 x Gas Shrouds, 1 x Gas Shroud Retaining Spring
Gas Shroud Retaining Spring Pack 2
£2.48 (inc VAT)

Click schematic to enlarge:

SB250 Euro Torch Schematic

Parweld replacement front end spares for the premium SB250 torch and fully interchangeable with other makes of Type 25 Euro-Torch.

OEM quality parts.

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