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Cut + Grind -  AS 46T Inox Combi-Discs

Cut + Grind - AS 46T Inox Combi-Discs

  • Cutting & Grinding with the same disc!
  • Manufactured in Germany by Dronco
  • 115mm (4 1/2") 22mm Bore
  • Supplied in a metal case containing 5 discs
  • Fast, low cost delivery
£9.85 (inc VAT)
Shipping £3.85
(inc VAT to the United Kingdom for any number of small parts)

The first multipurpose abrasive disc that you can use for both cutting and grinding.

With the same cutting speed as a standard 2.5mm cutting disc you can also immediately use the disc for de-burring and grinding, without changing the disc.

Supplied in a steel storage tin containing 5 discs 115mm x 2.5mm.

Cutting with the disc
Grinding with the disc

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