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Cast Iron Welding Rods

Cast Iron Welding Rods

  • Nickel Iron Electrodes NiFeC1
  • Low amperage cast iron repair rod
  • 1kg maintenance packs
  • 2.5mm & 3.2mm diameters
From £ 48.70 (inc VAT)
Shipping £6.95
(inc VAT to UK Mainland exc Highlands for any number of small parcels)
Cast Iron Electrodes Nickel Iron 2.5mm 1Kg Pack
£49.45 (inc VAT)
Approximately 54 Rods in re-sealable plastic box
Cast Iron Electrodes Nickel Iron 3.2mm 1Kg Pack
£48.70 (inc VAT)
Approximately 32 Rods in re-sealable plastic box

A low amperage Nickel Iron electrode for the repair of grey, SG, nodular or ductile irons where high strength is required.

Very smooth arc with minimal spatter and high resistance to cracking, with a machinable deposit.

Suitable for use in AC or DC (+)

AWS: E Ni Fe C1
Ni: 55% Fe: 45%
UTS: 448 N/mm
Hardness: 180 Brinell

Current Range:
2.5mm: 40-70 amps
3.2mm: 70-110 amps

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