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Refillable Gas Cylinder Conversion Kit - Argon Mix

Refillable Gas Cylinder Conversion Kit - Argon Mix

  • Upgrade your hobby MIG from disposable gas canisters to refillable Argon or Argon/CO2 mix gas cylinders
  • Base entry style for BOC type gas cylinders
  • Everything you need (apart from the gas cylinder)
  • Premium quality British made industrial equipment
  • Guaranteed safe!
£39.95 (inc VAT)
Shipping £6.95
(inc VAT to UK Mainland exc Highlands for any number of small parcels)

Superior nickel plated brass connection for a 100% gas tight seal & increased longevity over plastic versions


This kit allows you to upgrade from expensive disposable gas canisters to a refillable Argon/CO2 mix gas cylinder.

If you find you are doing more welding than first anticipated then you will find the cost of the equipment upgrade and the refillable cylinder rental are quickly recovered in comparison to disposable gas canister costs!

These cylinders are available through nationwide networks of cylinder centres and agents such as BOC Gases, Air Products & Air Liquide. Generally they are rented on an annual contract with an additional charge for each refill, but there is a growing network of independent gas suppliers who provide refillable gas cylinders on more attractive terms for home use.

Kit Includes:

Safety First

Cylinder gases are stored under ever increasing high pressures and can be extremely dangerous, so the regulator needs to be up to the job. Some of the cheap, imported gas regulators on the market have been shown to fail catastrophically in laboratory safety tests.

WESCOL have been manufacturing gas regulators in the UK for over half a century. These regulators meet all international safety standards, and are proven the world over.

Made in the UK

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