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MIG Welding Wire Mild Steel 5kg

MIG Welding Wire Mild Steel 5kg

  • ULTRA-MAG® and SUPRAMIG® by Lincoln Electric
  • Best quality MIG welding wire available
  • 0.6mm and 0.8mm diameter
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0.6mm Ultra-Mag® wire 5kg
£26.30 (inc VAT)

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0.8mm Supramig® wire 5kg
£21.45 (inc VAT)

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A premium quality mild steel MIG welding wire from Lincoln, ULTRA-MAG® / SUPRAMIG® is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and is guaranteed to perform.

0.6mm diameter wire is the very best for thin sheet such as car body panels. 0.8mm diameter is suitable for around 2.0mm and above mild steel.

Warning Rusty welding wire is a major cause of wire feed problems with MIG welders. If you have run rusty welding wire through your machine you will need to fully service the welding torch before a consistent, reliable wire feed can be achieved again, irrespective of wire quality.

Lincoln 5kg mild steel wire

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