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312 Dissimilar Welding Electrodes

312 Dissimilar Welding Electrodes

  • All purpose maintenance & repair arc welding rods
  • 2kg re-sealable plastic boxes
  • 2.5mm & 3.2mm diameters
From £ 54.75 (inc VAT)
Shipping £6.95
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312 Dissimilar Electrodes 2kg 2.5mm
£55.45 (inc VAT)

312 Dissimilar Electrodes 2kg 3.2mm
£54.75 (inc VAT)


Specially designed high strength austenitic type electrode of duplex structure.

Can be used for overlaying and joining dissimilar steels to one another; mild steel to stainless steel, high & low carbon steels, spring steels, tool & die steels, cast steels and steels of unknown composition.

High resistance to cracking coupled with good wear, heat, impact & corrosion resistance make these a superb universal repair rod.

Manufactured in England to exacting standards, they are easy to use with a smooth arc, low spatter and even bead formation.

AWS E312-17
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 840 N/mm sq.
Hardness: 220 BHN
Can be used with both AC & DC (+)

Current Range
2.5mm : 50 – 70 Amps
3.2mm : 90 – 110 Amps

Made in the UK
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